Wordcrafts has offered writing and editing services in consumer health education since 1997. We specialize in child development, mental health, and LGBTQ+ issues. In addition to consumer health projects, we can help you with monographs, journal submissions, and other documents targeted towards healthcare professionals. The following are just a few highlights of Wordcrafts' health portfolio: 

  • The Everything Pregnancy Health Book, 4th ed.
  • The Everything Diabetes Health Book, 2nd ed. (3rd ed. in press)
  • National Kidney Foundation: What You Should Know About Dialyzer Reuse (pdf; brochure)
  • Gale Encyclopedia of Medicine, "Psychological Tests" (pdf; reference book entry)
  • dLife Connect (pdf; print newsletter)
  • Red Flags in the Classroom: Childhood Eating Disorders (pdf; journal entry)
  • Understanding Gender & Sexuality (multimedia; professional development unit)


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NOTEMany publications we produce are proprietary. We respect our client's confidentiality and never post these publicly. However, in some cases we can provide "blinded" copies with client permission, as a work sample. Please contact us to view our documents.